7 Best 4WD Tours In Australia

The Top 4WD Tours In Australia

Australia has become a popular attraction for tourists. Australia has wide, open paved roads that lead to some of the World’s best off road driving. There are many different 4WD tours that can lead you through remote deserts, grassland, and mountain ranges. Here is a look at the Best 4WD Tours in Australia.

Canning Stock Route 

The Canning Stock Route is regarded as one of the World’s most remote off-road tracks. The tour follows different wells that have been used to water livestock, which gives tourists a water source. The tour crosses through multiple deserts.

Gibb River Road 

The Gibb River Road passes through the Kimberley region, which allows tourists to view swimming holes, water gorges, cattle stations, and outback landscape. Tourists will also view the Falls at Mitchell Plateau and the Aboriginal settlement of Kalumburu.

Binns Track 

Binns Track is named after legendary NT park ranger Bill Binns. The tour has diverse terrain, as tourists will head through deserts and mountains. There are also sandy slopes, riverbeds, and bull dust. The tour takes you through the Simpson Desert, Alice Springs, and The East MacDonnell Rangers. View the historical significance of Tennant Creek before going through Barra Country.


Gunbarrel Highway 

The Gunbarrel Highway is perfect for tourists, who have experience dealing with deep corrugations. Tourists will view multiple bush camps. Tourists will also view the summit from Mount William Lambert, the Yelma Stockyard ruins, the Gramma Rockholes, and the Gile Weather Station.

Simpson Desert French Line 

The French Line has narrow tracks and occasional dune crossing. Be sure to pay attention to oncoming traffic. While the trees may not provide much shade, the mulga wood provides fire fodder. Visit the Dalhousie Hot Springs cool off.

Stockton Beach 

Stockton Beach is popular for sand tourists. The terrain is popular because of its steep dunes. Explore MV sygna or check out the Tank Traps, which were installed during WWII. Look out for the different sand driving schools on the Stockton dunes.

Cape York Track 

The Cape York Track guides tourists through Australia’s tropical northern areas. The tour features different river crossings, including the Jardine River and Gunshot Creek. There are different swimming holes to enjoy, including Fruit Bat Falls, Twin Falls, and Eliot Falls. Other tourist attractions include Old Laura Station, Weipa, Lakefield National Park, Thursday Island, and Chili Beach. The river crossings are known to slow things down.

Victorian High Country 

The Victorian High Country has special views as tourists head through mountainous ridgelines. There are different mining towns that offer a unique perspective compared to regular travel. The Victorian High Country has a number of old gold towns that tourists can enjoy. The tracks are steep, especially Billy Goats Bluff.

Birdsville Track

Birdsville Track is established as a cattle route. Tourists can choose to take the Outside Track, which is seen as a safer route because it avoids the Diamantina floodplain. The surface is gibber covered sand, which can make breaking difficult. Be aware of livestock, which may impact your path. Stop in one of the roadhouses to enjoy some coffee.

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