Scope Vs Sight: When To Use Each

Increasing your accuracy when shooting is always a good goal to have. When you’re shooting at a distance, you’re generally going to need some kind of aid. While there are some that swear by using a scope and others that swear by sights, the truth is that both tools have their uses. If you’re going to a range or going hunting, it’s a good idea to know which one to use – and when it’s appropriate to switch. Understanding the right time to work with each is the best way to become a better shooter.

When to Use a Scope

Scopes are perfect tools for eliminating firearm frustration. This isn’t to say that using optics will necessarily make you a perfect shot, but rather that they make the shooting process a little bit easier. As such, it’s fair to say that one of the best uses for scopes is learning how to shoot.

Of course, experienced shooters are also quite fond of scopes for a few reasons. Scopes are infinitely better than sights when you are shooting over a long distance. Because scopes magnify the target, you’ll have a much better chance to hit what you’re shooting at with optics on your gun.

Finally, scopes are also useful when you need special optical aids. There are a number of great night vision scopes out there that are good for shooting in low-light conditions, for example, as well as scopes that help deal with other visual concerns. If you’re looking for a way to get better eyes on a target, it’s a good idea to look into optics.

When to Use a Sight

Typically speaking, a sight is better to use when you just need a bit of help aiming. It’s not going to help you as much to zero in on a target at a distance, but it will help to draw your eye where it needs to go. Sights help you to aim more easily at targets that you can see with the naked eye.

Sights are typically also better to use when you’re worried about issues like gun weight. Sights weigh virtually nothing, so they don’t add weight to your gun – an important thing to consider if you’re going deep in the woods or need to haul your gear from one place to another. Sights are also preferable when you know that you won’t be able to be gentle with your weapon, as they’re virtually indestructible under most of the circumstances in which an average hunter will find himself or herself.

Scopes and sights are both very useful to shooters. Typically speaking, it’s a good idea to own both and know how to use them. Each has their own particular uses and good gun owners should know when to use each. If you want to make sure you can hit your targets accurately in all circumstances, you should take the time to shoot with both optics and sights. You’ll get a better feel for when to use each when you get out and practice with both.

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